Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Caught Between the Moon and New York City

The most enjoyable part of choosing the setting for my Going to the Dogs Series was the research I had to do into the City my gals and their furry pals call home.  New York City has some of the best panoramic views, which not only awes New Yorkers, but also entices visitors from far and wide. The best you can do is fall in love with this charming city during your visit.  These top five places will be the building blocks to your affair with the Big Apple. Check them out at night and get caught between the moon and New York City.

Empire State Building
There is no comparison to the sheer rush of being on top of this architectural wonder.  It’s the perfect perch to showcase  the beautiful view of lively Manhattan. Visiting the Empire State Building at night is a breathtaking experience, and you can also enjoy an equally stunning view of the city after day break, preferably at 8 a.m. so that you can avoid the long lines. Tickets to the 86th floor cost $16 and if you choose to go up higher to the 102nd floor it is $15 extra.

Hoboken Ferry Terminal
Most people don’t know that one of the most charming hotspots of the city that affords the viewer an unexpected, but fantastic view of the New York City skyline from across the Hudson River is in Hoboken.  It’s just a ferry ride from Manhattan. Savor the stunning view of the piers that edge the West Side of Manhattan from New Jersey.  A picturesque experience worth the travel time. The ferry tickets to Hoboken cost only $8 each way for adults and the visit to this city is worth your time.  So if this is the experience during the day, the nighttime view is simply breathtaking.

Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island
No New York trip would be complete if you miss the majesty and emotion of the Statue that proudly stands as a beacon of peace and hope.  The soaring monument consistently tops the list of tourists’ must-see sights. In addition to its impact and distinctive appeal, the island on which the statue calls its home features some of the most spectacular views of New York City. There are no words to describe being up-close to the statue and experience the NYC skyline views from Liberty Island.  It’s one of the gotta-be-there-moments that will last a lifetime!   But at night, it is even more magical.

Top of the Rock
For completely stunning  skyline views, one of the best venues to enjoy is Top of the Rock. The best part about connecting with the city via its skyline from Top of the Rock is that it’s relatively an unknown feature.  So, lines are shorter than for the Empire State Building. You have the choice of three observation decks at the Top of the Rock.  Soaring to the top nets you fantastic views of Manhattan's major architectural landmark, the Empire State Building. Tickets cost $17.50 for adults. If you are only in  NYC for a short period of time, definitely squeeze in some time to soak in the city from the Rockefeller Center observation deck that boast the most brilliant view of the NYC skyline, especially during the night.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Simply one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods in Brooklyn, it is populated with gorgeous brownstones, gourmet restaurants and fun specialty shops. If you are looking to experience some diversity from Manhattan’s bustling energy, Brooklyn Heights is a great place to visit outside of Manhattan.  Taking a stroll along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, a charming waterfront walkway along the East River will be one of the highlights of visiting Brooklyn Heights.  The Promenade offers incredible views of the city and is quite romantic when you take a midnight stroll hand in hand with your true love.