Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Piano Guys

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from Youtube.  Since I subscribe to several channels, they send me videos they think I will like.  Well, they sent me this video:

(Okay, this link isn't working and no matter how much I cut and paste, it doesn't seem to give me a viable link, so here's the direct one:

I love Pirates of the Caribbean and especially Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.  So here's a picture of him for no other reason than to just look at him.

And I love piano and symphony music, so I clicked on it to watch.  Jarrod Radnich is extremely good with the keys and plays the piece superbly.  Certainly enjoy the video.  But that's not where my blog post stops.

I saw the link at the bottom of the video for The Piano Guys.  Intrigued by the name, and after seeing the entertaining video above, I clicked on that link.  I'm so glad I did.  Since it was close to Christmas when I got the video, The Piano Guys had a music video for one of my most favorite Christmas Carols - Carol of the Bells.  I clicked on it immediately.  OMG! I'm a writer, and I have no words to describe how beautiful or versitile a cello can be or how much joyous rapture the man who played the cello could show on his face.  It's definitely his passion.  Here's that one.

Steven Sharp Nelson is that cello player and not only do I love to listen to him play, but I love to watch him as well.  Thank you Steven for doing such a beautiful job on my most favorite Christmas carol.  It will now become a season tradition to watch this video each year.

I want to share one more music video with you that I just got in my Just for You from Youtube:  Daily Update.  Steven Sharp Nelson and Jon Schmidt offer some wonderful comedic moments.  This video is just as amazing as the other ones they've produced, but the featured performance by Lindsey Stirling almost steals the show as she lends a stylized, ballet-dance-cool to her wonderful violin playing.  Check out her channel Lindsey Stirling  and her website.  This girl plays the violin like an angel and her moves that are briefly showcased in the Mission Impossible video only gives you a small demonstration of how awesome she is. 

Enjoy these videos.  I'm sure you'll be as much of a fan of The Piano guys and Lindsey as I am!  Here's their website in case you'd like to read more about them.  The Piano Guys.