Monday, July 25, 2016



The tenth novel novel in my Hope Parish series features Chase Sutton.Six foot two inches of gorgeous lone wolf rebel. Blue eyes, sun-warmed brown hair and a boyish face that is full of mischief. His hard, muscular body is honed from carving a life out of the untamed bayou. He's the oldest of the siblings and currently estranged from his family. He was being groomed to take over the family business, but right after high school, something happened to him and he up and left the family estate and disappeared into the bayou. His family doesn't know why or what happened to make him leave everything behind. He's built himself a successful fishing and touring business in the bayou. He currently provides seafood to local residents, including Yankee restaurant owner, Samantha Wharton. She's running from her past, too. Together they may be able to find a place where they can put everything behind them.
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 20, 2016


Samantha Wharton had escaped New York City to settle in Suttontowne and run Imogene’s, a quaint and historical eatery, struggling with a devastating painful past. She thought her heart had died along with her family, but when she meets Chase Sutton, the fallen son of the town’s founder, she cannot seem to hang onto her bruised and battered heart.

Chase Sutton was tired of being told what to do and whom to know. After the discovery of a devastating family secret, he left his life completely behind and opened up a bait and tackle shop supplying seafood to the local merchants. The simple life suits him fine. It isn’t until falls into Samantha’s sad eyes that he realizes what he’s lost. But how can he offer Samantha a future when he hasn’t dealt with his own past?