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Scarecrow has avoided going home because he'd been working to secure an American warhead and keep it out of enemy hands and save one of the brotherhood. Guilt twists hard in him as he'd not only missed his father's funeral, but he's worried about making the hard choices for his mom. With his dad gone, his mom is alone and soon Scarecrow finds that all is not exactly right at home and it involves his cousin and a beautiful and mysterious woman. Scarlett Jones has leased some of his parents' land, but she isn't a simple farmer. He's determined to get to the bottom of her "agenda" and try to not let himself succumb to Scarlett's seductive charms. But that was much harder than he expected. The sixth book in my SEAL series is now in your hot little hands. Enjoy!!

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Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date:November 1, 2018


On leave from the SEALs, Arlo "Scarecrow" Porter heads home to Red River Parish, Louisiana to care for his recently widowed mom and come to terms with his dad's unexpected death. He'd asked Scarecrow to come home because he wanted to reveal a secret to him, but Scarecrow couldn't make it in time. Before his dad passed, he'd been raving about their next door neighbor who had leased some of his parents' land to grow chilies. He finds the owner and grower of Puckerbottom Peppers is beautiful and secretive and very British, Scarlett Jones. His warrior attention piqued and his protective instincts on alert, he intends to discover all her dark secrets.

MI-6 operative, Scarlett Jones had gone off the grid. She’d heard about sweet talking, rough around the edges Arlo Porter, but when he shows up on her doorstep with his slow, southern accent and his instant suspicious demeanor regarding her intentions with his parents’ land, she can’t trust anyone. His suspicions are founded, but she’s given up everything to reclaim her family’s heirlooms that were stolen when her small Russian town had been ransacked by a sadistic rebel leader. She needs to keep this dangerous man close. What she doesn’t bargain on is this man with his deep, penetrating eyes and warrior attitude will challenge everything she’s believed in her whole life.

She’d never been a damsel in distress, but she can’t seem to resist those strong arms and his protective nature. Can there be a happily ever after for her with this man?

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SEAL TEAM ALPHA: SCARECROW Cover Reveal and Release Information!

I'm excited to share with you guys that SEAL Team Alpha: Scarecrow, Book 6 is coming September 2018!!

Thank you for all the  continued support of this series that I love writing. I have many more stories planned with these tough and heroic guys. But in the meantime, I hope you will join me today in celebrating, sharing, and getting excited over the upcoming release!!

Check out this gorgeous cover by Robin She is seriously as badass as my SEALs. And please share, comment, and like this post to help me spread the word!

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Here's a little bit to whet your appetite! If you missed the first five books, go here to find the links and to catch up.

SEAL Team Alpha
Coming September, 2018

Red River Parish
Bellise, Louisiana

She parked in the deck and walked to the baggage claim area. The flight had just landed, and he should be here soon to claim his bags. She waited impatiently, tapping her toe. She had things to do back at the plantation…her thoughts scattered as her eyes went to a tall man in camouflage pants walking toward her. She had only one thought.


He walked like he owned the ground. An alpha attitude in every line of his body—lines that spelled danger in capital letters. He was devastating, like an explosion going off in her life.

He exuded an animal magnetism she knew all about and where it could take a girl. And every single woman on his flight and in the airport from young to old knew it, too.

From his aunt’s description, this had to be Arlo Porter.

But her words hadn’t done the man justice.

He strode toward her, his focus direct, the energy in him off the charts. He looked like he could climb a mountain or forge a raging river without any effort. The black T-shirt he wore molded across a wide, well-built chest, and stretched over broad shoulders. The sleeves of the shirt were taut over arms that bulged with mouth-watering biceps and muscular forearms, his skin smooth and tanned. He filled out those pants belted to his lean waist and hips, tapering down to thick thighs and sure feet encased in polished black boots. Her breath caught as he got closer, his vibrant green eyes locking with hers. His gaze was very serious, so very watchful of everything going on around him.

So very fierce.

It caught her in an iron grip that fierceness and the way the high arch of his cheekbones fascinated her, and the lean angle of his jaw. His golden-brown hair was cropped short and that was no surprise. Coupled with the camouflage pants it was clear this guy was military, special ops if her MI-6 intuition was correct and it usually was.

He had a well-formed nose, adding a nobleness to his chiseled features. His brows lowered over those intense eyes, his skin flawless. Beard stubble darkened his strong jaw, lending a disreputable air to him. His mouth was wide and firm with a delicious bow on the upper lip., She wanted to suck it and that thought made her wonder how he would taste. She had to chalk that up to the most disconcerting thought she’d ever had about a strange man…ever.

Damn her bloody luck. She had Rambo living across the road from her.

Sod it, this was a warrior—the heightened awareness, the physicality, and the predatory alertness of his expression. He was made for trouble—and he was not to be trifled with, not if she wanted to keep her real purpose here under wraps.

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I'm giving you my tough, but tortured SEAL - Blue. A man who had been balanced in every sense of the word until he discovers a terrible dark secret he'd buried that is now matured into a full-blown crisis. He's lost, off the team and trying desperately to find answers in his now chaotic world. Totally out of his comfort zone, fighting old demons and debilitating new ones, scarred and morally wounded, he must fight his way back. And, the brotherhood, the thing he needs the most is fracturing around him, the team he loves must also battle back to what they once had, re-forging the bonds that made them strong. Banished to Panama City, Blue finds a partner in trauma, a woman who's bold enough, strong enough to take him into her arms and offer him a way to begin to heal...with her. Desperately, they need each other. Together they must battle back or get lost in the darkness without any guiding light. Here are my two brave hearts for you to discover. My fifth SEAL Team Alpha series novel is ready for your eyes and hearts...

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Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: April 26, 2018


After a terrible battle, Navy SEAL Ocean “Blue” Beckett is captured and tortured by the enemy. Battle fatigued with PTSD, Blue is rotated out of his unit to teach at Panama City, Florida. He’s supposed to get his shit together, see a therapist about his condition and work his way back to active duty. But he’s struggling every day to keep his thoughts from overrunning his common sense and his sanity is tested by Navy diver, Petty Officer Charlotte Coventry. She seems to see right into his soul, but if he steps over the line, he’s not only risking his career, but his heart.

Charlie sees Blue’s pain and she can’t help but respond. She’s been in the same position as he is and her own demons still haunt her. So, it seems like a boneheaded move for her to risk her dream of becoming a Master Diver, a coveted position, for an affair with her off-limits instructor. But even as the forbidden relationship tempts her, Blue shows her exactly the kind of hero he is and crossing the line becomes almost impossible as it dawns on her bit by bit that she knows how to heal him and in the process, maybe he could save her, too. Will her heart rule her head? While they work to overcome their trauma, Blue’s past comes back to haunt him in a violent way, putting Charlie’s life in danger. After all that they have to overcome, will this tear them apart?

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SEAL TEAM ALPHA: BLUE Cover Reveal and Release Date Announcement!!

I'm excited to share with you guys that SEAL Team Alpha: Blue, Book 5 is coming March 27, 2018!!

I know this is a hard wait for you guys, but thank you for all the support during the wait. I hope you will join me today in celebrating, sharing, and getting excited over the upcoming release!!

Hopefully the writing goes fast and there won't be any delays!!

Check out this gorgeous cover by Robin She is seriously as badass as my SEALs. And please share, comment, and like this post to help me spread the word!

Here's a little bit to whet your appetite! If you missed the first four books, go here to find the links and to catch up.

SEAL Team Alpha
Coming March 27, 2018

Unknown location
Wilds of Kirikhan Province, Russia

From where he was huddling, completely naked and shaking from shock and cold, Petty Officer Ocean “Blue” Beckett could see Justin "Speed" Myerson, the SEAL they’d come to rescue lying in a crumpled heap, wet and, from the looks of him, dead. Tortured, Blue was certain, with the bleak rig of ropes and pulleys hanging from the ceiling over the edge of an above ground pool. There was no waterboarding for these fucks, it was going to be a whole-body experience, like BUD/S. As a surfer, swimmer and survivor of BUD/S—Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training he had an affinity for water. In his class, he’d been able to hold his breath the longest, his aquatic past had served him well. He closed his eyes and could almost envision knifing through the liquid with ease, his breathing even and strong. He’d excelled at every water sport he’d ever attempted. His BUD/S experience had been something he wouldn’t trade for anything. It had made him stronger, more assured, tough as nails.

BUD/S, even with the almost drowning exercise or as it was referred to combat diving, students, using swimming and diving techniques as a way to transport from the launch point to their mission objective, had prepared him for this. Every deployment had tempered him for this. He wasn’t going to give in…ever.

He trembled, shivering when he looked at Myerson’s body, partly from the cold, partly from the terror and shock, but mostly because he wanted to check him, administer first aid, save him. He was so pissed off that he was in this cell and he was so close, yet too far from him to help.

Yeah, the wet, dead lump of Myerson pissed him off, and so did the other two men in the basement, one of whom was behind him somewhere in the dark, silent and waiting, a man he’d recognized as Boris Golovkin one of their High-value targets or HVTs. Myerson had been sent in to take him, but instead, his team had been ambushed and Myerson had been taken hostage. The second team, Blue’s team had also been decimated, Tank wounded, Echo either severely wounded or killed in action in a fearless effort to protect them all. That dog…his eyes welled up, so much a part of their team. He didn’t know how Scarecrow, Hollywood, Ruckus, Kid, Wicked or Cowboy had fared, the rocket propelled grenade or RPG had blown off Blue’s helmet and fucked his comm. As their corpsman, it was his responsibility to know.

It made him sick not to know.

The other rebel HVT wasn’t a man and she was standing in full light, right in front of him—calm, in control, soft-spoken, harder than iron, and the most ruthless Kirikhan rebel second only to Boris.

Blue had memorized the rebel leaders’ bios. He knew who he was dealing with, and it galvanized him. For Natasha Golovkin, there was no tool of destruction, no obstacle too steep and no intellectual path or strategic configuration too complicated to bring to bear on current circumstances. Blue had seen firsthand what they could do.

Blue was a current circumstance, and he felt the weight of that truth with every breath he took. Even if he lived, which wasn’t a given, he’d be run to ground and ruined in a thousand unforeseen ways, ad infinitum, unless his team got him out. He was betting on those relentless bastards, hands down, every goddamn day, hoo-fuck-yah.

Trapped in this fucking place, in the bowels of God-knew-where Kirikhan, face-to-face with Natasha Golovkin, he was lost behind enemy lines. He was about to find out what the husband and wife team was capable of and make no mistake, he was in a fight for his life and his honor.

Both precious, one he could lose, but the other would redeem him, make his life worth something other than the failure of his last mission.

Honor and resistance was the way a SEAL went out.

It would be the way he went out.

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