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SEAL TEAM ALPHA: BLUE Cover Reveal and Release Date Announcement!!

I'm excited to share with you guys that SEAL Team Alpha: Blue, Book 5 is coming March 27, 2018!!

I know this is a hard wait for you guys, but thank you for all the support during the wait. I hope you will join me today in celebrating, sharing, and getting excited over the upcoming release!!

Hopefully the writing goes fast and there won't be any delays!!

Check out this gorgeous cover by Robin She is seriously as badass as my SEALs. And please share, comment, and like this post to help me spread the word!

Here's a little bit to whet your appetite! If you missed the first four books, go here to find the links and to catch up.

SEAL Team Alpha
Coming March 27, 2018

Unknown location
Wilds of Kirikhan Province, Russia

From where he was huddling, completely naked and shaking from shock and cold, Petty Officer Ocean “Blue” Beckett could see Justin "Speed" Myerson, the SEAL they’d come to rescue lying in a crumpled heap, wet and, from the looks of him, dead. Tortured, Blue was certain, with the bleak rig of ropes and pulleys hanging from the ceiling over the edge of an above ground pool. There was no waterboarding for these fucks, it was going to be a whole-body experience, like BUD/S. As a surfer, swimmer and survivor of BUD/S—Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training he had an affinity for water. In his class, he’d been able to hold his breath the longest, his aquatic past had served him well. He closed his eyes and could almost envision knifing through the liquid with ease, his breathing even and strong. He’d excelled at every water sport he’d ever attempted. His BUD/S experience had been something he wouldn’t trade for anything. It had made him stronger, more assured, tough as nails.

BUD/S, even with the almost drowning exercise or as it was referred to combat diving, students, using swimming and diving techniques as a way to transport from the launch point to their mission objective, had prepared him for this. Every deployment had tempered him for this. He wasn’t going to give in…ever.

He trembled, shivering when he looked at Myerson’s body, partly from the cold, partly from the terror and shock, but mostly because he wanted to check him, administer first aid, save him. He was so pissed off that he was in this cell and he was so close, yet too far from him to help.

Yeah, the wet, dead lump of Myerson pissed him off, and so did the other two men in the basement, one of whom was behind him somewhere in the dark, silent and waiting, a man he’d recognized as Boris Golovkin one of their High-value targets or HVTs. Myerson had been sent in to take him, but instead, his team had been ambushed and Myerson had been taken hostage. The second team, Blue’s team had also been decimated, Tank wounded, Echo either severely wounded or killed in action in a fearless effort to protect them all. That dog…his eyes welled up, so much a part of their team. He didn’t know how Scarecrow, Hollywood, Ruckus, Kid, Wicked or Cowboy had fared, the rocket propelled grenade or RPG had blown off Blue’s helmet and fucked his comm. As their corpsman, it was his responsibility to know.

It made him sick not to know.

The other rebel HVT wasn’t a man and she was standing in full light, right in front of him—calm, in control, soft-spoken, harder than iron, and the most ruthless Kirikhan rebel second only to Boris.

Blue had memorized the rebel leaders’ bios. He knew who he was dealing with, and it galvanized him. For Natasha Golovkin, there was no tool of destruction, no obstacle too steep and no intellectual path or strategic configuration too complicated to bring to bear on current circumstances. Blue had seen firsthand what they could do.

Blue was a current circumstance, and he felt the weight of that truth with every breath he took. Even if he lived, which wasn’t a given, he’d be run to ground and ruined in a thousand unforeseen ways, ad infinitum, unless his team got him out. He was betting on those relentless bastards, hands down, every goddamn day, hoo-fuck-yah.

Trapped in this fucking place, in the bowels of God-knew-where Kirikhan, face-to-face with Natasha Golovkin, he was lost behind enemy lines. He was about to find out what the husband and wife team was capable of and make no mistake, he was in a fight for his life and his honor.

Both precious, one he could lose, but the other would redeem him, make his life worth something other than the failure of his last mission.

Honor and resistance was the way a SEAL went out.

It would be the way he went out.

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Here is Tank and this one was an emotional and heartwrenching ride from beginning to end. Tank is a man who is not only intense when he's on the battlefield, but he's just as intense in everything he does. He might fight hard, but, as he comes to realize, he loves harder. This book is about family, letting go, overcoming fears and embracing change. Tank and the team encounter some tough adversaries and in the process Echo is terribly wounded. Tank is devastated, heartbroken, and resistant to taking on a new K9 partner. But, when Dr. Alyssa St. James, a woman he can't seem to dismiss like all the others, starts challenging his way of doing things, it's a battle of the wills. My fourth book in the SEAL Team Alpha series is ready for your eyes and hearts...

Where to buy


Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: December 13, 2017


US Navy SEAL Thorn "Tank" Hunt has been there done that, but when he loses his best friend and military working dog Echo, he’s heartbroken, but he has to pick up the pieces and get another partner. He met tough as nails and way too confident for her britches, Army Reserve veterinarian, Dr. Alyssa St. James through his baby brother and her fundraising efforts on behalf of MWDs. The undeniably beautiful, but contrary woman takes on the mission to teach Tank some new tricks and in the process, discover that maybe every once and a while he could roll over and let someone else take the lead.

Doc, as Alyssa is affectionately known at her practice, has had to deal with plenty of macho assholes in her years as a reservist, but although Tank looks like one of them guys, he’s anything but. A big man with a big heart tears down her walls and barriers, except, getting involved with a military man like her jerky ex-husband seems counter-intuitive. The distance and the separation devastated their marriage. Determined to stay in control, she's compelled to help him when he is introduced to Bronte, a beautiful Belgian Malinois to replace the one lost in battle. Just as much a warrior as the man she is finding irresistible. But as their relationship progresses and Tank works himself deeper into her heart, can they take the hardships of serving their country in stride and make it work?

Monday, October 9, 2017



This is the eighth book in the Going to the Dogs series. I've enjoyed writing every single one. It's like meeting up with old friends. Aiden has been trying to deal with trauma all on his own and hasn't been doing a great job. His beautiful and loyal personal assistant, who is secretly in love with him is concerned and so is his caring and supportive family. But when things keep spiraling down and down, Aiden hits rock bottom. But Faith never gives up on him and with her love and support, maybe, just maybe he can find his way back home.

Where to buy


Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date:October 9, 2017


Billionaire Aiden Sinclair is taking one day at a time as he struggles with nightmares and his PTSD from his last tour of duty in the middle east. When his long-time Gal Friday, Faith Chapman drops a bomb on him that he’d never seen coming, he reacts badly and they part ways, but feels it’s for the best. He’s nothing but screwed up. Then, there’s an ultimatum from his father and Aiden finds himself homeless and penniless. Now he’s relying on Faith’s tender mercy as he’s drawn into her brainchild, Angel Paws, pairing dogs with wounded warriors, something that is close to his heart. Can Aiden allow himself to heal, ignore the paws already on his heart and accept Faith’s love?

Faith has been in love with Aiden from the moment she met him ten years ago when he took a chance on her right out of high school and hired her as his personal assistant. But after he came back from his tour of duty, he wasn’t the same man and Faith has struggled to keep her secret love for him under wraps. But when it slipped out during a close, tender moment with him and he reacted so badly to the declaration, Faith had no choice but to move on. Now Aiden is working with her to turn an inherited, rundown estate into a retreat for warriors mentally scarred from the battlefield and the amazing power of canine love to rescue these heroes. Will Aiden’s involvement help him to find his own path to healing? As they draw closer and closer together, can she even hope that he would ever return the love that still burns strongly in her heart and finally discover what matters most?