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Were getting close to the end of my Going to the Dogs series. Just two books left and it has been a labor of laugh out loud fun. Jesse has been keeping himself busy ever since he retired from his hockey career and started working as a sportwriter, but his plate got even fuller with the death of his friend and founder Calder West. Now he was juggling a multi-billion dollar company and everything else he had to do. So when Aiden Sinclair asks him to help out a friend of his with funding from AlphaGroup, Jesse the fixer is ready and willing. Too bad the owner of the Liberty Tavern doesn't want anything to do with either Jesse or Aiden. But Jesse isn't one to give up especially when Abigail Wescott needs him for more than saving her bar. She's in some trouble, the kind she'll need help getting out of and that's where Jesse come in.

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Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: June 26, 2019


Ex-hockey player and sportswriter, Jesse Malone goes to Liberty Tavern at the behest of his friend Aiden Sinclair to help sassy, beautiful redheaded, Abigail Wescott who has only recently inherited the bar from her father. Talk about opposites in every way including his preference for his dog Puck, a Pitbull/Weimaraner mix and her preference for her cat, an orange tom named Oscar. Jesse has every intention of lending AlphaGroup’s support to this damsel in distress, but he has no interest in getting tied down, even if Abby is pulling all the right irresistible strings in him.

Abby and Jesse have absolutely nothing in common, except a sizzling attraction and the desire to save her bar, but the demolition balls are set to wreck her family’s historical legacy when by chance she and Jesse discover something miraculous. A false wall in the basement that reveals an old printing press with historical significance, leading to the possibility that the Sons of Liberty met in the tavern. With sexy bad boy Jesse stirring up her emotions and ramming through her defenses, can she keep her mind on the race to get the near-and-dear-to-her-heart bar listed as a national landmark before it’s demolished.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Hollywood is Released!!


The last of my first set of SEAL Team Alpha series books was bittersweet to write as I have loved every member of this team. But Hollywood and Willow did justice to my guys and there are many more team members coming up in the new squad with the first being Dragon. Willow and Hollywood are tiptoeing through a minefield of memories, pain, heartache and an attraction that is driving them both bonkers. My playboy SEAL has met his match and she's taking him to a different place, one he wants to be, even with the fear and anxiety that all brings. Not to mention, Willow comes with Hollywood's former BUD'S trainer, her dad, Will "Shadow" Blackmoon. He's lost and no matter how hard Willow tries, she can't get him to come home and stop living on the streets. That's until Hollywood sees and understands what he's going through and knows that love comes in many forms. All her dad needs is the SEAL community. Hollywood learns what it means to really love someone and Willow finds the man of her dreams in someone so unexpected.

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Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: May 6, 2019


Jude “Hollywood” Lock loved the ladies, but commitment, not so much. Getting burned at love was been there, done that enough for him. But when his Hollywood looks gets him tasked by the brass to pose for an artist as part of the Warrior Angel charity project, he has no choice but to follow orders. Once he gets a load of the beautiful artist, it all comes around to him keeping his cool and resisting going down love’s forbidden lane.

Painter/photographer Willow Blackmoon lost her dad to the streets after leaving the SEALs and she’s tickled pink to be depicting a member from each of the armed forces as an angel for charity for the homeless heroes. It’s easy to keep her composure around all the muscled hunks, even in or out of their uniforms, with one exception—Hollywood. He’s a man who hides a broken heart and a tender soul that resonates with hers. He might be sprouting angel wings and purity, but there was nothing divine about this bad boy, except his skills behind closed doors. His playboy ways were all too familiar to her once broken heart, and she prayed not even his heavenly advances could get up under her defenses.

But Hollywood’s past comes back to haunt him when Willow is abducted, and she has to rely on her lethal warrior for rescue. Can they mend their broken hearts together or will their fear destroy a love everlasting?

Sunday, May 5, 2019



Book 10 in the Going to the Dogs series is coming in June 2019!

Jesse Malone has kept to himself for the most part as with his high-profile life, he tends to attract women who mostly are interested in him for his fame or his money. But lately managing AlphaGroup is getting intense. Along with all his other jobs: sports writing for the Times, a coffee table book on sports bars in Manhattan, and coaching his pee wee hockey team, he's feeling overwhelmed, starting to feel as if he's missing something in his life. Then Aiden Sinclair asks him to help out a bar owner who's fallen on tough times. Abigail Wescott's father has just died and she's now running Liberty Tavern on her own and doesn't want help from billionaires. But when she runs into even more bad luck and dire financial crisis, Jesse is a port in the terrible storm of betrayal and danger. But can Abby let go of her fear of intimacy, her fear of letting go and accepting help to let Jesse Malone be a real part of her life?
If you missed the first nine books, go here to find the links and to catch up.

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My series tend to have a mind of their own and morph into something I didn't expect. Mak and Pheadra's story turned into something sweet, warm, and wonderful. Phaedra ran to New York City to escape her painful past. She is taken in by Harper Shaw, and embraced by all her friends and family. As Harper's personal assistant, she does everything out of love. Then she meets Mak, Harper's sexy, irresistibly sweet half-brother who's working hard to fit into a family he'd just found. Thrust onto a path she hadn't anticipated and questioning everything about her life, she struggles to find her place among the chaos...with Mak's help. But mixing business and pleasure had such catastrophic results in her past, could she be forever scarred? Can sweet and supportive Mak break through her barriers or will she lose everything...again?

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Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date:April 17, 2019


Personal assistant Phaedra Cangelosi has worked for Harper Shaw for two blissful years, until Harper’s birthday party causes a shakeup she didn’t anticipate. Now she’s being thrust into opening her own restaurant with the help of Harper and her brother, Makena Kaeo. Tall, dark and dangerous Mak poses a big threat to Phaedra’s equilibrium, and her vow to keep clear of him is harder than she thought. But she’d been burned in the past before when she’d mixed business and pleasure. As Mak helps her with both AlphaGroup and finding her a property for her new place, she vows to keep everything professional, but when she starts to draw closer to Mak, that’s easier said than done.

Mak is hired by AlphaGroup to find them a larger building because they have expanded so quickly, they are running out of space. When he gets wind that Phaedra is looking for real estate to open her restaurant, Mak wants to help her. He’s harbored a huge crush on her but has kept his distance. Harper found the beautiful Maltese beauty indispensable, and Mak has never wanted to rock the boat, longing to be incorporated fully into the Sinclair family. But now that Phaedra appears to be going out on her own and leaving Harper’s employ, maybe Mak can make his move. He will have to get creative in wooing her, but that’s easier said than done.

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With her capture at the ruthless hands of rebels, Kat Harrington realizes that she doesn't want to die with so much unresolved baggage in her life., It's a turning point, that puts her on the path to Orion "Wicked" Cross, the man she's treated terribly for five years. Their relationship had taken a tragic turn when her fiance was killed during a mission. Now it's time to get honest, get real and get it all out in the open. But will Wicked be able to take those steps with her? Can they each find common ground where there is a hope of forgiveness and redemption, or will the past haunt them, destroying each of them in the process? I offer you my seventh book in my SEAL series. Enjoy!!

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Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date:January 18, 2019


Five years ago, Petty Officer Orion “Wicked” Cross met and fell secretly in love with CIA officer Katherine “Kat” Harrington, and their mission together went bad. Even though Wicked wasn’t at fault, Kat blamed him and they parted bitterly. Now she’s missing and regardless of the bad blood between them, he’s going after her like he would any other hostage. Maybe it’s time to clear the air and put their past behind them. But it all rides on an unforgiving woman, who’s been honed and jaded by many missions, yet his heart has never let her go.

Kat is on her own personal mission and having to be rescued by the one man she wants to avoid only adds fuel to that inner fire. She still blames him for her fiancé’s death and has never given him a chance to explain or mend fences. Except on this mission where nothing seems to go right, they find themselves thrust together on the edge of mortal danger where the lines between combatants tend to blur. With Wicked constantly on her six, invading her personal and professional space, could the truth about what happened change her mind or tear their fragile love apart?