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WHAT MATTERS MOST is a contemporary romance by ZOE, releasing in 2017 and is the fourth book in the Going to the Dogs 2: The Alphas series.

This is finally Aiden Sinclair's story, Harper's tortured ex-marine brother who save Jared Taylor, Poe's husband during a terrible battle in the middle east. He hasn't ever been able to shake what he'd had to do in the darkness of night, running for their lives, Jared unconscious and bleeding out. Even Jared doesn't know what lengths Aiden went to keep them both safe, get them back to base, back home. Oblivious to his gal Friday, Faith Rodger's love for him, when she tells him in a tender moment, he can't handle it and he pushes her away. Aiden has to find his peace and allow himself to heal and, if he will let her, Faith is ready and willing to be a part of his recovery. That first step is always the hardest...

Aiden Sinclair is taking one day at a time as he struggles with nightmares and his PTSD from his last tour of duty in the middle east. When his long-time gal Friday, Faith Rodgers, drops a bomb on him that he’d never seen coming, he reacts badly, and she quits. It isn’t until after all the dust settles he realizes how much he’d relied on her and how much he misses her in his life, but feels it’s for the best. He’s nothing but screwed up. Then Nate Taylor draws him into charity functions for AlphaGroup. Aiden’s philanthropic family is tagged for help with Angel Paws, dog therapy for wounded warriors with PTSD, something that is close to his heart. What he doesn’t expect is it’s Faith’s brainchild.

Faith has been in love with Aiden from the moment she met him when he gave a starving student a job. But, after he came back from his tour of duty, he wasn’t the same man and Faith has struggled to keep her secret love for him under wraps. But when it slipped out during a close, tender moment with him and he reacted so badly to the declaration, Faith had no choice but to move on. Now Aiden is involved in her bid to AlphaGroup for financial assistance to turn her Nanna’s rundown estate into a retreat for warriors mentally scarred from the battlefield and the amazing power of canine love to rescue these heroes. Will Aiden’s involvement help him to find his own path to healing? As they draw closer and closer together, can she even hope that he would ever return the love that still burns strongly in her heart and finally discover what matters most?



Pru Chambers made a deal with Attila the Hun in Vera Wang and she couldn't go back on her word. But unlike the first time she fell in love with Nate Taylor, the second chance is all about a second chance at what she loves best, too--photography. Can these two people who deeply love each other find their way through the baggage they want to leave behind, or will Nate fall prey to what broke them apart in the past--his workaholic ways?
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 22, 2016


Stockbroker Nate Taylor knows he lost the love of his life when he screwed up with Pru. He’s trying to move on, working at his job and taking on extra work with AlphaGroup to keep his mind off his failure. Then Harper Shaw (matchmaking behind his back) suggests he use his influence at AlphaGroup for a worthwhile cause, a community garden project. But when a little homeless corgi puppy comes into his life, and the opportunity to get a second chance with Pru, things get messy, confused, and downright complex. But out of chaos, order can be found and Nate might just discover not only his calling, but that love is never lost…it just has to be found again

Photographer Prudence Chambers is gun shy after a devastating artistic photography show flopped big time. She’s fallen back on her safe job manning one of her family’s portrait studios, repressing her biggest desire to be an art photographer. As an act of rebellion, she took that deal with the devil, Harper Shaw (Nate gets a second chance) to take pictures for her wedding and everything changed both personally and professionally. With the promise hanging over her head and Nate heavy on her mind, she agrees to work with him on a community garden project. She’s sure the workaholic will never change, never really understand her deep down, and never commit. She sets out to prove Harper wrong…but even the worst intentions can lead you down the right garden path.