Friday, September 2, 2016


Some changes in the wind with my series for Random House. They are now in my hands and I've got some new covers and further news about the two series you're coming to love.

Maybe Tomorrow is in the revision stage and is slated for release in December. Here's the blurb:

Zoe Dawson returns to Laurel Falls, Montana, where big sky meets true love in Maybe Tomorrow, as a jaded New Yorker and a small-town mayor teach each other that the good things in life are meant to be savored.

After growing up dirt poor, Greg Chambers relishes his job as the CEO of a high-powered marketing agency. He couldn’t imagine leaving New York for Laurel Falls, a town so rundown he can practically see the tumbleweeds. But while there to spearhead a new tourism campaign, Greg admits that there’s one bright spot: the widowed mayor whose fighting spirit and exquisite good looks have him struggling to keep things professional.

Trinity Gill is doing everything in her power to revitalize her dazzling but declining town—even while mourning her husband and trying to keep her family together. The last thing she needs is a distraction like Greg, a fast-talking city slicker who works hard and plays harder. So why does her body long for his touch? And why can’t she get his open smile and gleaming eyes off her mind?

Greg has been running on empty for years, but when he finally takes the time to smell the roses, he makes a startling realization: He can be the one to heal Trinity’s wounded heart. And if Trinity would face her deepest fears, maybe tomorrow could be the start of a whole new beginning—together.

A slight variation on the original, but Falcon is still sizzling hot. This book is also in the revision stage and is slated for release in 2017. Here's the blurb:

The athletes agented by Mavrick Allstars aren’t the only things heating up the sports agency. Zoe Dawson’s series continues with more gripping, heartfelt romance as the smart, talented, and sassy female agents continue to pursue their passion for both their profession and their clients.

It’s no secret Trista Jordan has coveted signing Falcon Dane. As one of the newer agents, she has something to prove at the internationally renowned agency. But she knows that taking on Falcon will either make her or break her. She’s determined to get the contract and snag all that explosive and muscled raw talent to rep him to the extreme. Her challenges: keep her hands off his gorgeous body and discover the core of his anger—because the mighty has fallen.

Professional surfer Falcon Dane, once at the top of his sport, struggles with an injury he sustained in a terrible car crash that fractured his pelvis, an accident that left his mother paralyzed. With Trista at the helm, she could help him spark a comeback that will leave both his competitors and sponsors breathless. But the key to success is in his tragic past and the accident that changed his world. Only he can restore the balance he so desperately needs to excel.

But when Trista becomes much more than his agent and he has to delve deep inside to find the real source of his anger, can he risk everything on her?



This is the 9th book in the 12 book Coltons of Texas continuity. The first six books in the Coltons of Texas revolves around the seven children of infamous Texas serial killer Matthew Colton. Six of the seven children went into law enforcement and the seventh became a rancher. Now, a new case is uniting all the siblings with a copy-cat serial killer mimicking their father’s MO. In order to catch the serial killer and hopefully clear their youngest sister’s name, each Colton sibling is forced to deal with his/her past in visits to the Blackthorn County Prison to meet with Matthew Colton.

The second six books revolve around the kidnapping of Eldridge Colton, a distant cousin of Matthew Colton and his seven children from two marriages. Each of the children are suspect in the kidnapping and each book eliminates suspects and offers clues as the mystery unfolds to its conclusion. I am part of this storyline.

Books available for purchase and preorder:: Colton Copycat Killer (1) Colton Surprise Heir (2) Colton Baby Homecoming (3) Colton Texas Stakeout (4) Her Colton PI (5) A Baby for Agent Colton (6) Colton Cowboy Hideout (7) The Pregnant Colton Bride (8) High Stakes Colton (9) Colton Family Rescue (10) Runaway Colton (11) Colton Christmas Protector (12)
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Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: September 1 & 7, 2016


What's a cowboy to do when he falls for the woman he's investigating? Find out in the latest Coltons of Texas romance!

Soul-scarred Texas Ranger Jake McCord is no stranger to hardship and heartache. Assigned to solve a kidnapping case, Jake enters Colton Valley Ranch as a horse whisperer…and watcher. His primary suspect? The victim's daughter, Alanna Colton.

Alluring Alanna is the picture of competence and compassion as she trains horses and helps troubled teens work the ranch. Jake is immediately drawn to her, and their mutual attraction only intensifies as he struggles to keep a clear head on the case. But his troubles are just beginning, as others on the ranch arouse suspicion and threaten all Jake and Alanna hold dear.