Saturday, January 19, 2013

That Special Magic

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And they lived happily ever after.  Almost anyone who's either seen a Disney movie or read a fairytale knows those words.  That's what romance books are all about and if you're here at my blog you can see that I'm all about the happily ever afters! And it looks like you are, too!  We romance writers thank you! ( romance, too!  But I guess you already know that!)

Once upon a time there was this young girl.  As it goes with young girls, they often try to find out where they belong in the world.  What are their strengths and weaknesses.  Well, this young girl loved to read.  When she was sixteen years old, her grandmother gave her a book to read.  But this wasn't just any ordinary book.  This book glowed with a special kind of magic.  A magic that permeates every part of the world.  The girl wanted to know about the special magic and even as her anticipation rose and her fingertips tingled, she read the book.  And something wondrous happened.  She started to see where she might fit into the world, where she might make her mark.  She discovered something inside herself that she didn't know existed.  She discovered a passion and the determination to make special magic on her own.  Of course, that girl was me.  And the special magic?  You already know.  That's the power of love.  My happily ever after was discovering that I wanted to write books about happily ever afters.

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