Monday, February 4, 2013

The 2/2 Challenge

My friend Sarra Cannon, an indie bestselling author of The Peachville High demon series and I were having lunch at Panera this past Saturday.  We were talking about our careers as authors and sharing with each other our very intense writing schedules along with our personal day to day struggles, especially the struggle to lose weight.  Sarra just had a baby and I work a day job while trying to write in my spare time.  So there are challenges and obstacles to achieving our goal of getting fit in the midst of our busy writing schedules and lives.

I brought up a pin I had seen on Pinterest just last week.

And Sarra agreed with me about the sentiment.  If we started today where would we be a year from now with our weight, the number of books released, our goals?  I said, "What day is it?" and she replied, "February 2."  I said let's decide that we'll have lunch a year from now and see where we are.  I told her I would blog about it and she wanted to blog about it, too.  Here's her blog post.  So, we agreed it should be a challenge.  We even have a Pinterest Board dedicated to our journey where we can pin any inspiration during the year.  Sarra and I will blog about our experiences as the year progresses and we'll have lunch on February 2, 2014 to celebrate our journey.

We all know that changing our lives can only be done by believing in ourselves and taking that first step.  I know this won't be easy and there will be stumbles, but I'm taking that first step

Here are my goals:

1.  Lose a sufficient amount of weight and exercise regularly to get fit.
2.  Write five new projects.

I'll soon have the picture of my envelope here.

Another two to go along with our 2/2 challenge.  I value my friendship with Sarra and knowing that the support she will give me makes this challenge feel very real and doable.  She also knows she can depend on me.

Maybe this would be a good time for you to start your journey toward your own goals?  A year from now where will you be?  Join us in making a commitment to yourself!