Friday, April 7, 2017


Leashed is now in an expanded version and I did this for several reasons. One being the full enjoyment of the reader. I've had comments that the characters' backgrounds were lacking and the development of them could have been better. It was my first self-published story and I've learned a lot since 2012. Also, as the magnet book for the series, I was coming up against some promotional roadblocks that would be eliminated by expanding the story.

The core of the story is the same. Girl-next-door sweetie meets bad boy neighbor nightclub owner and their dogs do the wild thing, keeping them in close proximity. Even though they don't want to get involved with each other, their dogs make sure that a destined true love happens. And, heck, who doesn't love puppies?

Here is the new cover and the links are all the same. Hope you enjoy this expansion as much as you did the first version. I do all this for you and enjoy every moment of it. Happy reading!

Here are also the new rebranded covers for the latter three books:

And the next part of the series: