Sunday, June 19, 2016


HANDLING SKYLAR, a contemporary romance by ZOE, releasing October 17, 2016 and is the second book in the Resisting the Fall series, part of my Hope Parish Novels.

Jake Sutton: In the middle between Chase and River Pearl and caught between his own hopes and dreams and his family obligations. He’s arrogant, privileged, and chafes at buckling under his father’s yoke. He’s six feet of danger with dark blonde hair and green eyes. He’s more hot-headed than Chase, and less diplomatic than River. He struggles with his resentment of Chase who he feels betrayed not only him, but his family when he lost it and disappeared. His inability at finding balance is only eclipsed by the love he has for his family, especially his protectiveness of his sister, River. It’ll take a strong, no-nonsense woman to tame the middle Sutton sibling. What happens when Jake falls for a woman that’s nowhere near his social status?


Skylar Bransom lost everything when she lost her family’s legacy to the bank. Trying to salvage her life, she moved to Suttontowne to open up and manage the Blue Coyote Spa. Immersing herself in her work is what she needed to overcome her feelings of failure and loss. But then Jake Sutton stepped into her life and slammed those deep green eyes of his into hers. He’s one of the town’s golden boys and he carries the weight of his family’s burdens as once Skylar carried hers. Being the girl from the wrong side of the tracks is not appealing to her. But when she loses her heart to Jake, can Jake overcome his own family pressures? And when something from her past threatens her, will Jake be the man she needs?

Jake Sutton has conceded and done everything his family expected of him. He’s gone to the right school, learned the family business from the ground up, associated with the right people, and stayed within his own golden boy circle but ever since he met cowgirl Skylar with her gorgeous eyes and no nonsense personality, he hasn’t been able to get her off his mind. He feels responsible for rebuilding the family name and that means the right woman on his arm and in his bed. As Jake struggles with status and love, he wrestles with his relationship with his family and his brother Chase. As deep dark emotions tear him apart, will Sky be the woman who can show him the way? Or will he buckle under once again and break both their hearts?