Tuesday, March 22, 2016



The first novel in the next dog books installment: Going to the Dogs 2: The Alphas features Ian Lassiter, Callie's brother from Leashed. He's about to get snagged by a sweet schoolteacher artist that sorely needs his and AlphaGroups help. Elizabeth "Lizzie" O'Reilly has the drive and talent to accomplish anything, but add in her deaf brother and flower painting border collie and it's a mix of chaos, success...and love. Will Lizzie use her head or give her heart over to a man who might not be able to change his bachelor ways?

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Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: March 28, 2016


Elizabeth “Lizzie” O’Reilly risked her heart once, now she was using her head.

Ian Lassiter is living the high life in Manhattan and loving it. He's a successful artist and sculptor and has just adopted an adorable Mantle Great Dane named Ozzie from his sister, Callie. The bachelor life suits him until he gets a load of AlphaGroup's newest client. Lizzie has applied to them for a loan to keep her art school for the deaf open and with Ian’s artistic background, it’s up to him to handle the case.

Lizzie’s working on saving her school and a bachelor, even a hunky one, will not deter her from her mission. With a deadline looming to come up with the cash, Ian discovers that her clever Border Collie, Georgia paints amazing huge abstract flowers. Going commercial with her talented pet wasn’t at the top of her list but Ian pulls out the charm. When something goes terribly wrong, will the trust she was building in Ian get tested?

Can a confirmed bachelor lose his resolve and can a woman gain back her trust in love?