Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Braxton Outlaw

Her hair drifted in the summer sun. Everything about her drove me mad. I'd brought her here to the tree where they'd hanged my ancestor to find out if she was playing me. A sick knot of tension tightened in my gut. It was something I don't think I could handle--her playing me. My brothers and I were the town bad boys, triplets who had each other's back. We came from a long line of Outlaws...well they were outlaws. Even my own daddy branded a thief.

She was River Pearl Sutton. Golden girl and descendent of the town's lauded founder, Colonel Beauregard Sutton. The Civil War hero who built Suttontowne. I was descended from a man who murdered confederate solders for their gold payroll. I stepped closer to her and she turned to look up at me with that guileless gaze. I absorbed her features with my eyes. The August sunlight illuminated her eyes to a fathomless shade of grey. The cool grey of river rock and running water. Staring at River had been something I hadn't let myself do. The sun was hot on my body or was that just her affect on me.

Hot, heat, fire.

"Why did you bring me all the way out here?"

I crowded her back, but she only gave me a direct look. If it wasn't for the pulse in her throat beating with quick throbs, I wouldn't be able to tell there was any tension in her at all. She was so confident, so collected, so...my mind twisted up into chaos whenever I was close to River and this time was no different.

"This is where they hanged Duel Outlaw without due justice, without a trial, without even a night in jail." I looked up at the branch directly above us. I softened my voice. "His feet would have been just above your head, kicking and struggling."

Her eyes cut to the upper branches, the rope they'd used long gone, but the place where it had been wrapped left an ugly blemish on the limb.

She turned her sweet body toward me and draped her arms loosely over my shoulders. I closed my eyes briefly at her touch. My hands flexed at my sides. I wanted to touch her...just let go and touch her.

"I think it's more than that. What is it, Brax?"

"Why are you doing this speech about your ancestor and mine being friends? It's a hellava way to celebrate your Founder's Day. You looking to piss your daddy off?"

She leaned closer to me. Her height allowing her to lean in to whisper in my ear without me having to move a muscle. Her breath blew soft and hot against my moist skin. "You think I have an ulterior motive?"

There were many ways to make me perspire. Living in the bayou, my kitchen when I was cooking, and playing fiddle when I was jamming. But there was only one thing…one freaking thing that made me sweat. River Pearl Sutton.

"Yes, I said. I think you do."

"Maybe I do, Brax. Maybe I want to know what it feels like to have your willing mouth on mine, participating, caressing, and passionate, taking me like I know you want to. Maybe that's what I want. My dirty little secret."

My heart lurched and my body went rock hard. Everywhere. Just when I thought I was invincible, she came and happened to me. I pressed her against the bark of the tree, my head dipped down to my utter doom.

Her soft, slightly parted lips.

That's an excerpt from my upcoming book, A Perfect Dilemma, the third novel in my A Perfect Secret Series.

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