Friday, September 27, 2013


As an author who has a full-time job, it's imperative for me to plan my schedule way out in advance. I have the next year planned for many book releases. I hope you're as excited about that as I am. I thought I would give you some background for some of the books as I have some series that are continuing and some new series I'm beginning.

Going to the Dogs Series

I am in the revision stage for Book #4, Collared, my last dog park babe, but she will not be the last character that I plan to write. I have another set of books that will constitute Book #5-Book #10. Some of the featured heroes are Ian Lassiter, Callie Lassiter's brother who was first introduced in Book #1, Leashed, but is mentioned in books 2-4 as well; Aiden Sincliar, Harper Sinclair's brother who was first introduced in Book #2, Groomed for Murder and spilled over into Book #3, Hounded and also plays a bit part in Collared; and Nate Taylor, Jared Taylor's bad boy brother who was introduced in Hounded and spilled over into Collared.  Collared is scheduled to be released on October 14th and I'm on track for that. I'm extremely proud of these books. Ian's book, Book #5, Piggy Bank Blues is slated for a June release. Give them a try if you love zany romantic comedy mixed with canine friends. Here's a teaser for Collared.

  A Perfect Secret Series, Hope Parish Novels

These books are set in the deep South, the bayou country of Louisiana. One of my most favorite cities in the U.S. is New Orleans. You may not know, but counties in Louisiana are called parishes and I've named my fictitious county/parish Hope. My characters live in a small town called Suttontowne, named after the lauded founder, Colonel Beauregard Sutton. A Perfect Mess released on August 7th and I'm getting close to beginning the second book in the series, A Perfect Mistake which I'm planning for a December 9th release. The third book, A Perfect Dilemma should be out in April, but I don't have a firm date for it yet.  Just a heads up that I have another set of books I'm planning for this series, but they won't be out until probably 2015.

The 12 NA's of Christmas

Santa is bringing something wonderful this Christmas and you're not only gonna want a bigger stocking, but you're going to want all of these novellas. I was lucky to be invited to be part of the 12 NAs and collaborate with some amazing women writing in the New Adult genre--Sarra Cannon, H.M. Ward, Chelsea Cameron, Addison Moore, Marquita Valentine, Shelly Crane, Magan Vernon, Breena Wilde, Tiffany King, A. Meredith Walters and Sawyer Bennett. This group has been so much fun and so supportive as we each navigate the crazy world of publishing. My novella, Brave, is in the very final stages and we should have a mass cover reveal coming up soon. All of our books will be available on November 1st. If there is enough interest, I could write more characters from this Brave (tehe) new world.

The Starbuck Chronicles Series

I am planning on releasing 2 to 3 books a year with a total of 14 books altogether for my new urban fantasy, reoccurring character, Lily Starbuck. An amnesiatic witch living in a world where reality is broken and anything is possible. I plan to have the first book, AfterLife out in January with the second book, AfterMath out in March and the third book AfterBurn out sometime in the fall.

A New Adult Contemporary Series

Not ready to say much about this series just yet, but I will tell you this much. I'm extremely excited about revealing the series to you when the time is right. The first book will be out in February, the second out in May and the third out in August, so stay tuned to my blog for an announcement sometime in December.

Riders on the Störme

This will be a syfy/fantasy series set on both the fictional planet of Trevia and Earth. An insidious, ravenous horde is held in check by the beautiful, powerful dragons of Trevia called collectively, The Störme and their dragonriders. The dragon's flame is the only force in the universe that can stop these creatures. But their flame is dying and the dragonriders need a miracle to save not only these magnificent beasts, but every living thing on every habitable planet in the universe. Their hope comes to them in the form of American astronaut Jaxon Bailey, who crash lands on their planet at the same time as a black dragon egg is laid--a rare egg which is only clutched every 500 years and without a rider bond, will die unhatched.  But the egg speaks to Jaxon, an offworlder, who is the key to the salvation of not only the human race, but all races. I am both a syfy and fantasy geek and am just so tickled pink to be writing the first book, It Started With a Whisper for release in July.

Here is the tentative schedule (of course, things could change):

Collared, Book #4, Going to the Dogs Series - October 14, 2013
Brave, The 12 NA's of Christmas Novella - November 1, 2013
A Perfect Mistake, Book #2, A Perfect Secret Series - December 9, 2013
AfterLife, Book #1, The Starbuck Chronicles Series - January
New Adult Contemporary, Book #1 - February
AfterMath, Book #2, The Starbuck Chronicles Series - March
A Perfect Dilemma, Book #3, A Perfect Secret Series - April
New Adult Contemporary, Book #2 - May
Piggy Bank Blues, Book #5, Going to the Dogs Series - June
It Started With A Whisper, Riders on the Störme Series - July
New Adult Contemporary, Book #3 - August