Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Total Squee! Cover Reveal

My 2/2 Challenge buddy, the fabulous Sarra Cannon author of the bestselling Peachville High Demon series has released the cover for her upcoming book Death's AwakeningI was lucky enough to be her critique partner when she began this series.  I have to tell you, it's great!

Here’s a brief description in Sarra's own words

For sixteen-year-old Parrish Sorrows, life is about to become a nightmare.

This is the night she’ll wake up to her mother’s convulsions. The night she’ll lose contact with her father and sister in New York. The night 911 will stop answering the phone.

This is the night a mysterious supernatural virus begins its deadly rampage across the globe, killing billions in a matter of days. And just when things can’t get worse, the dead begin to rise.

Parrish must embark on a perilous journey to find what’s left of her family. Along the way, she’ll team up with the gorgeous boy next door she’s always been drawn to, the snobby ex-bff she’s hated for years, a genius computer nerd, and a young boy who never says a word but is somehow a kindred spirit.

DEATH’S AWAKENING is the first book in my new Eternal Sorrows series. Told from alternating points of view, this story is packed with action, magic, and romance that will leave you begging to find out what happens as this group of teens struggles to survive the zombie apocalypse.

They are about to find out zombies are the least of their problems.

This book might have zombies instead of demons, but I promise fans of the Peachville High Demons series are going to find a lot of the same things you loved in this series, too – magic, a great love story, and lots of twists and turns.

So tell me, what do you think of the cover?!

You can read more about Sarra at her website and see her own announcement there!