Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sometimes You Have to Do Something Else

There comes a time when there needs to be a break from writing.  Yes.  You heard me right.  There needs to be time to fill up the well.  Time to renew.  Time to get some new ideas.  Here's a few ways that I do that:

Go to the Gym - It's a good way to disconnect from the current WIP and just read on the treadmill.  A way to undo your mind for a bit and get lost in someone else's world.  Physical exercise is good for the body and getting away from my current WIP is good for the creative well.

Surfing the Net - I love doing this.  I start off by reading one interesting article or following a promising link.  Before I know it, I'm miles from the beginning.  But that's okay.  Sometimes doing this gives me new ideas for books, adds to my wealth of knowledge, and once again, frees my mind to fill the creative well.

Paint - Painting involves concrete images transferred to paper.  I have many ideas for pieces that roll around in my head.  I have to admit that I haven't done this particular past time lately because I've been busy writing and working full time.  But it's on my mind and I really want to get to it soon.  Very soon.  Focusing on the concrete visual also fills my creative well.

World of Warcraft - I play an massive multi-player online role playing game (mmorpg).  I have a character named Starstrike.  She's a Night Elf Hunter.  You can check out her profile.  She can quest (get a task, complete the task, return to the quest-giver) or she can go into a dungeon (fight virtual monsters, get virtual loot, make my character stronger), or raid (fight harder virtual monsters, get better virtual loot, make my character much stronger) or engage in other pursuits in the game that give my character materials like mining, fishing, gathering, or collecting.  This takes my mind off my other imaginative world and also fills my creative well

 What do you do to fill up that creative well for whatever hobby or craft you like to pursue?