Friday, May 15, 2020



Cover reveal and release information!

SEAL Team Alpha, Book #12, Mad Max is planned for a July release!

Max is used to being in charge, but when he's the one that needs help, he's not as gracious. He and Juggernaut are cutoff from his team, lost in the jungle while they frantically search for him. SEALs never leave a man behind. Luckily for Max and Jugs, Dr. Renata Cavalconte happens to be in the right place at the right time. She's in the jungle looking for Paraguayan treasure at the behest of her mentor. Max and Jugs become not only distractions from her research, but her patients. Without her, they'll die. She's trying with all her might to see him in clinical terms, instead of falling for the flesh and blood man, who fuels her fantasies. Too bad he's the type of controlling alpha she can't get involved with...not again..

Check out this gorgeous cover by Robin She is seriously as badass as my SEALs. And please share, comment, and like this post to help me spread the word!

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